Friday, March 29, 2013

The wonder of technology on a busy day

Thank goodness the month is over,  I fear that I'm running out of things to write about.   It was a busy day and I had the kids all day since my husband is working all day.   It's tough for me to write when on these days,  but right now I'm typing on my phone.   Want to know some of what I did today?
-Wake up
-Cook potato dish for potluck
-Make chocolate covered strawberries for potluck
-do a ton of dishes
-farmers market
-curiosity connection at state museum
-bike riding with four year old while baby napped
-feed kids dinner
-go to potluck at friends house
-play a game and read books to J
- bedtime.
See,  now I know why I have no time to blog on a day like this.


  1. What fun pictures from your busy day!

  2. I could conk out on the couch like that ! Looks like a full day with lots of fun.

  3. Fun pictures and memories! Sometimes that is much more important!