Friday, March 8, 2013

The evolution of Super Tractor Man

Day 8 of 31

5:50 am - Oh crap, it's super hero day at J's school.

5:51 am
Me: "J, do you have any super hero clothing?"
J:  "No"
Me:  "Shoot"
Me: "Ok, how about a cape?  We can use the tractor window curtains that Daddy bought at the yard sale last year. It's not like they're EVER going to get hung on your windows."

5:52 am - Look in the basement for safety pins

5:54 am - Look in the kitchen cabinets for safety pins

5:56 am - Look in the upstairs closets for safety pins

5:58 am - Crap.  No safety pins.

6:00 am - Velcro, I think I have velcro.  Find velcro in the garage.

6:03 am - Using very fancy scissors, construct the cape by trimming curtains straight across to an  appropriate length.  Adhere one strip of velcro to J's shirt, the other to the cape.  Attach cape to shirt.

6:05 am - Super Tractor Man is born.

I've got this Mommy thing down to a T.


  1. It's creative, powerful, and adorable - and special powers for cars, trucks and taxis indeed!

  2. Awesome! And now he is cape-ready for anytime play days too!

  3. Thank goodness for Velcro! Resourceful thinking saved the day.

  4. With the exception of motor oil man, that is about as manly a superhero as a boy could be. Nicely played, mom.

  5. Ha! I've been there! I admire your ingenuity and creative spirit! Tractor man is one-of-a-kind, an original. Great job!

  6. Love your super cute super tractor man! Your post made me laugh! Can't even tell you how many of these costume improvisations have happened on the morning of at our house!