Thursday, March 14, 2013

Flying hot dog

Day 14 of 31
"Why do we have to learn this?"

As a high school math teacher, this is a question that I'm used to.  And I'm fine with answering it.  I am well aware that most people will not have to verify trigonometric identities as part of their professional lives.  However, I do sincerely believe that learning some higher level math helps develop analytical skills that (hopefully) will be used in the future.  Sometimes the concepts are tough, I think of it like excersizing the brain.

In my Algebra 1 class this morning, I had a student really floor me.  Instead of the normal complaint, his speech went something like this.

"To me, this is like building a flying hot dog.  Why do I need to learn all of the steps to building a flying hot dog when I can just take an airplane?

Like I said, stopped in my tracks.  

PS - Happy π Day!


  1. Well, he was able to make a great analogy, that's for sure! Maybe he garnered those analytically skills unwittingly from his math practice. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a wise boy! My husband memorized (I don't know how many) the Pi numbers. His math teacher had them posted across the top of the my husband slowly memorized a few a day. Of course,...he could continue to infinity...but stopped with the ones printed above the board. Happy Pi Day Jackie

  3. Happy Pi Day! He must be gifted, flying hotdog, indeed. I've always loved solving for X and isn't that the essence of algebra?

  4. LOVE IT, what teaching offers that keeps us on our toes :)