Monday, March 18, 2013


Day 18 of 31
I watch very little actual tv these days, mostly I watch old series from Netflix on the Kindle.  I DVR everything, so I haven't seen a commercial in a long time.

Just about the only reason I keep my cable subscription is so that I can watch Shameless, on Showtime.  At it's core, Shameless is a family comedy / drama, but it is the most exaggerated and dysfunctional family that you can imagine. 

I watch it for the drinking, the drugs and the crime.  Because it's a life that I've never had and never will have.  But more importantly, I watch it for the humor, because I think it's the absolute funniest show on tv.  When done correctly, R rated humor is really entertaining.


  1. You know my guilty pleasure (TV wise). Thanks to your friend from high school, I now read about it too!

    Keep watching. Everyone deserves a little brain candy.

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