Sunday, March 24, 2013

Passover cooking

Day 24 of 31
We go to my inlaws for Passover this year.  They are hosting the sedar at the commons room at the apartment complex they're moving to.  There are way too many people to have the sedar at someone's house, but this is a new experiment, so we'll see how it goes.

To make the task of hosting 25+ people, we split up the cooking.  I volunteered to make brisket, but someone else was already bringing a roast.  Unfortunate, because my brisket is really good and this other person's meat is notoriously not so good.  Oh well, so I volunteered to bring kugel, which I think is a yiddish word for casserole.  Maybe not, who knows.

Kugel #1 was something I had at a matza cookoff a couple of years ago.  It's onions, celery, mushrooms mixed with matza, chicken soup, eggs and spices.  I think it reminds me of Thanksgiving and Passover put together.  It is so good that I made a second one for myself.

Kugel #2 was a potato kugel.  Pretty simple, potatoes, onions, eggs, salt, pepper.  I used to think that I had to grate potatoes by hand, what was I thinking???  Now it's the food processor or bust.  I peeled the potatoes right into the sink since we have a garbage disposal.  I turned on the water and turned on the disposal and before I could stop it, I knew what happened, I had clogged the pipes.  Same thing happened this past Hanukah when we made potato latkes.  When will I learn?  I do feel empowered that I know how to undo the pipes and fix the garbage disposal, but it added at least half an hour to the job this morning.

Recipe #3 (that I made on Saturday) is matza crunch.  If you have never had this for Passover, you must make it!  If you are not Jewish, but like caramel and chocolate (who doesn't), go to the store and buy a box of matza and make this recipe, you won't regret it!!  Caramel Matza Crunch recipe


  1. I may have to take you up on the invitation to try the Caramel Matza Crunch. It looks delicious. It sounds like you will have lots of good food to share even if you don't get to bring the brisket.

  2. Caramel Matza Crunch sounds good! I am making flourless chocolate cake for Friday dinner.