Thursday, March 7, 2013

Goodbye, car...And why I didn't tell anyone.

Day 7 of 31
Our car had a premature exit from the world yesterday. Before I go any further, my husband was driving and he is ok.  It's a big pain in the neck and will ultimately cost us money, since this car was almost paid off, but that's life.

I am, perhaps, an over-poster on facebook.  I put lots of pictures of my kids, videos, observations, etc.  I like sharing since I have a lot of family that live far away.  Recently, my 97 year old grandmother joined facebook and she loves seeing her great grandchildren who she can't see in person (she lives 400 miles away).  

I wanted to put a picture of the car on facebook, it happened and it's lousy but it's also a blessing that my husband wasn't hurt.  But my overriding feeling was not wanting people to worry, especially  people like my grandmother and inlaws who could be professional worriers in their own right.  I'm not sure if this action is right or wrong or somewhere in between.

Yesterday was a strange weather day, there was supposed to be a major snowstorm but it turned out to be mostly rain in my vicinity.  The accident, though, happened during the 1 hour when it was actually snowing quite heavily.  There was a lot of flack against the area schools for closing when the weather turned out to be 
not so bad.  But the thing, the superintendents are not weathermen and the weathermen are not omniscient.  So, if we all end up staying home and no one gets hurt, it doesn't make for a very exciting story, but everyone is ok.  If you let all of the buses and student drivers on the road, accidents will happen and it won't be so good.

I don't know what the morale of this story is.  Mostly, I'm just exhausted and a bit overwhelmed.  I'm grateful that my husband was not hurt even though the car was crushed.  Tomorrow is another day...


  1. Wow...your car looks demolished! It's a miracle that your husband was not hurt...I hope he recovers soon from the emotional trauma it must have been, too.

  2. It's a blessing that your husband was not hurt. Cars can be replaced (unfortunately for a price) but husbands not so much. I prefer superintendents to err on the side of caution. Happy car shopping!

  3. I'm glad your husband is okay. Sounds like you have your priorities straight, but it is still so hard to have to deal with these things.

  4. Wow! Count your blessing and forget about the dollars. Our superintendent gets flack from some when he calls off school, and from others when he doesn't. Not a job I'd want!

  5. I totally get your Facebook reasoning....sometimes I want to post something and then stop myself for one of several reasons. Glad your husband is safe!

  6. Glad your husband is safe! Those things are always scary!