Friday, March 1, 2013

Having some fun at work

Work has not been that much fun lately.  We have been working under the conditions of the existing contract since July 1, 2012 which is exactly 244 days.  We're also dealing with the increased pressure of meeting AYP and we've had reductions in staff due to attrition.  Personally, I work along with having two small children which means I'm tired and stretched thin.  Despite that, I swear I am not a complainer and I do try to look on the bright side of things. And regardless of some of the things that I can't control (like the contract and AYP) my coworkers and I still manage to have fun. We care about each other and we know the ins and the outs of each others lives.  Well yesterday, we laughed and we laughed hard.   Apparently, a coworker had her soup stolen from the lunchroom.  But instead of pouting or sending a nasty email, she sent this:

"I came to work this morning with the warm thought of having beautiful bisque for lunch. I entered the downstairs faculty lounge and glanced over to the cabinet where there were one box each of butternut squash soup, lentil and bean soup, and chicken corn chowder or maybe, Italian wedding soup, when to my shock and horror, I found the space where they should be bereft of any such soup. “How now will I heal my soul?” I thought. My worry and concern over my soul and my stomach soon subsided to be replaced by hot emotions beginning to boil over. “I will avenge the loss of my soup and chunks of soul,” thought I. So, to the rat who has ravaged my ragoût, whoever has consumed my consommé, s/he who has feasted on my fricassé, and to s/he who has chow’d on my chowder, let it be known that you will be reduced to stock and smoked out of hiding, for I will not simmer in silence, nor will I stew in submission and starvation.

I know times are tough for teachers everywhere, but this does not mean that we have descended into chaos and anarchy. Further, the faculty lounge is not a soup kitchen for teachers. Just as there is no such fairy that follows you around when you walk your dog, there is no soup fairy.

In closing, you soup snatching snoop, I will find you and when I do I will purge you of the stolen soup.

Viva La Soup!

Madame Defarge"

Yes, I know that I am copying someone else's writing for my first slice of life challenge, but I had to give the story context.  

  • I love that she took this situation and turned it into something funny.
  • I love that she showed her creative side as a writer.  
  • I love that she put it out there.  If the soup thief read the email, I hope that they will make different decisions. 

But most of all, I love that she gave the entire faculty a really good laugh.  Sometimes, having fun at work has to happen organically (even if it's not organic soup) and I am so grateful to her for that. 

And...I made soup for dinner.


  1. Thanks for sharing a good laugh! Now I'm missing the soup I ate for lunch all week. Obviously, I didn't make quite enough since I ran out yesterday. This is my first year slicing, too. I'm looking forward to the challenge.

  2. Too's a common thing in our faculty room too....I don't get it! Isn't laughter is the best way to handle most things?

  3. Love this! I can totally relate to juggling two kids, work and whatever other things we tend to over-involve ourselves in. Glad to hear it was turned around into a positive situation.

  4. Life is like that full of obstacles and challenges! No contract, work pressures, kids and stolen soup can't compete with friends and laughter. Welcome to SOLS!

  5. Laughter lightens the load. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I feel like I need to have you over for some warm soup now. ;)

    Funny things happen in the faculty room.

  7. Wonderful for your first day. You brought back memories of when I taught in a middle school. Times can be so stressful, but with the right staff, humor is found and lessens the stress. Thanks for the memories...and creative story.

  8. When you look around your staff, do you think Who stole the soup? What possesses people to take others food and consume it? How rude, but what a perfect email to send out. I hope they got indigestion.

  9. Great slice - thanks, it make me smile and laugh and also think to myself "how dare you" to whoever stole the soup. Maybe it will be replaced next week with a note asking for forgiveness! Welcome to the SOLS! I'll look forward to more of your slices.

  10. First, welcome to our slice of life community. Second- what a great slice! I love that your colleague kept her sense of humor, and used her pen so deftly. My guess is that this soup snatching snoop will think twice about striking again!

  11. We need more e-mails and stories like these during the days that are filled with testing and pressure to make improvements! What a wonderful way to start your slicing!

  12. This is too funny of a story. I don't think the soup snatcher will be snatching anytime soon for fear of being found out. It woud be nice if s/he quietly replaced it with a note of apology. Laugh/post on.

  13. Oh, how daring! (I could never do that!) But what fun that she did -- we all need a laugh to carry us through the stresses of the day.

    Welcome to the slicing community!