Tuesday, March 5, 2013

11 months

Day 5 of 31
Today is your 11 month birthday and I couldn't be happier about it.

In 11 months, you have already showed us what a happy, spunky and fun girl you are.  I can't wait to see what the rest of your childhood will bring.

A, you are a very happy baby and it doesn't take much to please you.  But you let us know when you're not happy, oh, you really let us know.  Recently, you've started taking a big breathe in and screaming out with all your might.  It's pretty annoying and I hope that you get some words soon!

You are an active baby.  You were rolling over long before you should have and at 11 months you are already taking your first, second and third steps.  I resisted putting gates up on our staircase, but you've made that impossible.  When the gate is left open, you crawl up the staircase with a mischievous grin because you know you're not supposed to.

You love your brother, I can see it in your eyes.  He does his best, but like all big brothers he is reluctant to share his things with you.  Keep playing with him, he loves you too. 

A, I love you more than I can ever express in words. 


  1. Rachel, she is a sweet girl...I think you are definitely right on with the screaming and the words. Then she will develop your absolute favorite, 'no'! xo

  2. My baby turned sixteen today. Happy birthday to both of you from both of us : )

  3. Such a sweet post. I can feel your love. She is lucky girl to have a mom like you.