Monday, March 25, 2013

The winter of 1994

Day 25 of 31
It's snowing here in Central PA, again.  It feels like it's never going to end.  I've seen some buds trying to come out, but it seems they're afraid to.  I have pictures from a year ago and everything was green, right now it's still very much winter.

It reminds me of the winter of 1994, in Rockland County, NY.  I don't think that I would remember a year so vividly, but this one was important, because it was the year I was supposed to start driving.  I got my learners permit very early in January (the first week) and I remember that I actually went to get it on a day we had off because it was a snow day.  That winter, it snowed and snowed and snowed.  In fact, there was snow on the ground until after Easter.  There was one big blizzard and the banks of snow were many feet high, making some driving very dangerous.  So, while I got my permit the first week of January, I didn't actually drive until well into April.  And when you're 16 years old and wanting to learn to drive, every day feels like a year.

I'm sure spring will come eventually, just as it did in that long winter of 1994.  

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  1. I was thinking of going back and rereading Laura Ingalls' The Long Winter. UGH - when will winter end? I'm glad you finally got to drive, but what a long wait for your 16yo self!