Saturday, March 30, 2013

I think I blog with rose colored glasses

Day 30 of 31
One of my reflections about this month long writing project has been that I think I blog with rose colored glasses. 

I think, that in general, I'm an optimist.  I really do always try to see the positive of every day and situation.  And I think, that we all have a choice in our attitudes even in we don't always have a choice about our circumstances.

I chose to make this blog anonymous, and it's been a challenge to keep it that way.  I have posted pictures of my kids, have made mention of the area I live, and if you put the pieces together, you can probably figure out which school district I work at.  But I haven't listed my last name for a very specific reason.  10 years ago, my Mom started the divorce process from my ex-stepfather.  It was the nastiest a divorce can possibly get and somehow I got in the middle.  So, if you were to google my name, you will see some pretty terrible (and completely false) stuff on the internet about me.  So, for obvious reasons, I want to keep this blog anonymous from him. 

In many ways, the last month has been good (like always).  But in reality, I have dealt with some very real issues involving my job and the labor disputes that we are currently in.  In addition, my husband worked nearly non-step from until March 25th, so I was pretty much on my own for the month.  But I don't want this blog to be a place about complaining.  So maybe I blog with rose colored glasses because it makes me feel better and see the positive of each day.  I don't know, still figuring this one out.  


  1. Nothing wrong wearing rose colored glasses when blogging! I think all of prefer reading positive posts rather than complaining ones. Anonymous is fine too; I still like reading your posts! Keep writing and we'll keep reading.

  2. I applaud your positive attitude. All we have is the truth we make of our lives.

  3. Keep those glasses on you're doing a great job, and nobody gets to judge it's your blog! I hope you keep it up.