Sunday, March 17, 2013

Being a tourist close to home

Day 17 of 31
I go to Hershey's Chocolate World a few times a year.  It's close, it's free and my kids are still entertained by it, so why not?  Besides, you never know what else you'll happen to see.

Apparently, something new is being built at Chocolate World.  Who cares what it is, building something means heavy machinery.  I'm not really exaggerating, one of J's first words was machine.  Actually, it was "chine" for the longest time.   For many months at the library, he would only get machine books.  A book of any other genre had to be taken out by me, separately. 


Very large jackhammer
Road roller and jackhammer

As far as machines go, I figure if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  I encourage his love of machines and don't mind taking pictures and uploading them to the computer in his own folder "J's trucks"

Chocolate World itself never changes.  There is a short ride with singing cows and it tells the story about how chocolate is made, though I never pay that much attention.

Finally, I let the kids have some fun and we went to the dessert creation studio.  For $4.95, you get a cupcake, icing and two toppings to build your own cupcake.  The waitress also put edible paint "melted chocolate" on the table with paint brushes.  J had a great time adding the Reese's cups and sprinkles to his cupcake and painting on some color.  Not to my surprise, although he ate the candy, he didn't have one bite of cupcake or icing.  Also not to my surprise, the 11.5 month old did a pretty good job of eating what was left.

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